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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Simple Gifts - Hardware Store Jewelry

Need a fun, funky, and easy gift idea but don’t want to spend a lot of money?  You may very well have the things you need in your garage or junk drawer!  Here are two necklaces made from components from around the house or that are inexpensive purchases at any local hardware store. 

The first is a metallic, Victorian/steampunk inspired necklace.  Steampunk is known as “industrial Victorian,” as it combines elements of mechanical items, such as gears, wires, and circuitry with Victorian elements such as rhinestones, filigree, and delicate chains. 

The second is a Victorian pendant made with an iridescent glass pebble and hardware store items.  This is very pretty as a choker or short pendant worn on a ribbon.  

Metallic Victorian/Steampunk pendant
Items Needed
One 2 inch fender washer
One floral mirror mount (these are mounts used to hang mirrors in a bathroom)
One external tooth lock washer
One glue-on rhinestone or other flat-backed pretty item
One glue-on wire bail  (instructions on how to make these HERE)
E6000 glue
Ball chain and connector at least 20 inches (found in hardware or plumbing section)

INSTRUCTIONS:  Place fender washer on flat surface.  Glue mirror mount to washer with E600 glue.  Place glue along bottom of mount, just slightly inward from the outside edges to get a firm seal.  Allow to dry.  

Add lock washer to center of mirror mount.  Place glue along the area which will touch mirror mount the most.  Allow to dry. 

Add flat-backed rhinestone to center of lock washer, and allow to dry.    


Once all components are dry, flip washer over and glue bail to back.  In this photo I have the pendant propped up on a toothpick while drying.  Otherwise, if allowed to dry flat, the bail will tip backward, and pendant will not lay flat when attached to a chain.   


String on ball chain, cut to desired length, and wear!


Victorian Iridescent Glass Pendant
Items Needed
One large iridescent glass pebble (I bought these in a bag at Dollar Tree for $1 in the floral section)
One flower mirror mount
One glue-on flat backed rhinestone or other flat-backed item
One glue-on bail (instructions to make these HERE)
E6000 glue
Ribbon, silk cord, or dainty chain

 INSTRUCTIONS:  Glue bail to flat back of pebble and allow to dry. 

Using sandpaper or a nail file, rough up front domed surface of glass pebble slightly.  Check positioning of mirror mount on front of domed glass and use pliers to bend slightly and contour the mirror mount to the shape of the pebble.  Glue mirror mount to glass pebble and allow to dry.  

Glue flat-backed rhinestone to center of mirror mount and allow to dry. 

Place on ribbon, silk cord, or dainty chain and wear! 

The key to both of these pendants and necklaces is to use what you have on hand.  If you've seen something and the thought popped into your mind that it would make a pretty necklace, use it!  Instead of the mirror mount, you might have a pretty pearl button that came from a coat.  Use that!  Have a length of broken chain?  Use it to wrap the circumference of the button using glue.  Have an old broken watch with an interesting watch face?  Take the watch apart and carefully remove the watch face and use it in the place of the mirror mount.  See an old typewriter key that's flat and has an initial on it or words like "caps lock" instead of a letter?  Use that!   Have old bits of broken jewelry?  Use those.  Snip off broken parts and combine the elements by gluing them to the washer or a glass pebble.  The possibilities are endless and are as interesting as your imagination and junk drawer. 

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