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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Printable Coupon Links Repost and Update!


One of the best ways to save is through printable coupons for groceries and other items.  Many manufacturers will e-mail coupons or coupon links to you in e-mail newsletters or have them available to print on their websites.  These are wonderful ways to save on your favorite products. Combine these with other coupon strategies, as noted in a prior post HERE, and you can reduce your grocery bill significantly. 

Below is a very long list of printable coupon sites from manufacturers and other sources.  I bookmark these for future reference.  

This is a repost to rearrange and make the printable coupon links closer to the top.   See tips and information below the links. 

Printable coupons  
This is a great site for printable coupons.  You can check to see what’s available under not only your own zip code but under other zip codes throughout the country, as well.  To change zip codes, click on the link titled “Local Coupons.”  Enter a zip code in a spot on the left-hand side, and press enter.  Then click the “coupons” tab.  You can then sort by Food, Beverages, Household goods, etc. also has a savings club that offers exclusive printable coupons to members that are not available elsewhere.  If you watch for promotions, oftentimes there are offers to get a year for free.

As a note, requires that a small printer driver/applet be installed on your computer.  It is safe and is necessary in order to be able to print coupons. 

Red Plum
Again, may require you to install a small printer applet that is considered safe for use.

Coupon Network  (Also a source to find out what Your Bucks/Catalina offers are available or coming soon.*)
Again, may require a printer applet in order to print; considered safe for download.

Smart Source
**This is the website where it is most important that you not only have Java installed, but make sure you accept their printer applet and turn your popup blocker off.  It’s the trickiest one about not printing or giving some obscure error such as telling you that you’ve violated some rule. **

These are coupons that serve as both discounts and fundraisers.  Sign up and choose a local organization to help, and then you can print coupons.
**I strongly advise printing these coupons one at a time, as sometimes the coupon sheet cuts across the next pages if there is more than one coupon and then will not print again.**

Hormel (Hormel lunch meat, Cure81 hams, Hormel Always tender meats, Hormel entrees, Lloyd’s Woodfire heat and eat products, Hormel Chili, and numerous others.)
Sign up and sign in.  They will also e-mail specials and newsletters.

Ready Set Eat  from Conagra Foods (Hunt’s, Pam, Healthy Choice, Pam, Chef Boyardee, Marie Callendar’s, Orville Reddenbacher, Reddi Whip, Wesson, Fleischmann’s, and another long list of items.)

Making Life Better by Unilever Products (Knorr products, Ben & Jerry’s, Breyers, Country Crock, Jif, Lipton teas and rice/pasta products, Ragu, Skippy, and many bath and laundry products.)  (Keebler crackers and some Kellogg’s brands)
Sign up, then click on the coupons and savings link.  Make sure you approve for them to send you newsletters and updates, as they will send either high-value coupons to your e-mail inbox or provide links to print coupons. 

 Kellogg’ (Kellogg’s products, mostly cereal,  Pop-Tarts but other products, too.)
This site is a shared site with but often has different coupons.  There may also be other printable coupons under the Offers & Promotions tabs and “Other Coupons” section.  

Betty  (Betty Crocker, Bisquick, Cascadian Farms, Muir Glen tomatoes, Yoplait Yogurt, Pillsbury products, General Mills cereals, and more!)
Sign up and sign in, and you will be sent special offers via e-mail and newsletter.

Nestle Very Best Baking (chocolate chips, baking products, etc.)

Sign in and print coupons and get the newsletter for extra printable coupons

Land O’ Moms (Land O’ Frost deli meats and kits)
They’ll want you to give your name and e-mail address.  Sign up for the Newsletter to receive news and special offers.  The latest coupon is usually on the right-hand side of the home page. 

Pompeian Products (Olive oil, vinegar, and grapeseed oil)

On the Border Products such as chips, salsa, and sauces from Truco Enterprises

International Delight Creamers and other products

Coffee-Mate creamers

King’s Hawaiian Bread and Rolls

Hiland Dairy Products  (Dips, sour cream, cottage cheese, orange juice, etc.)
Must sign up to be able to print.

Wholly Guacamole and Salsa (Facebook page; they almost always have a coupon there!)

Michelina’s Frozen Entrees and Dinners

Chinet Paper Plates, Cups, and Napkins
Sign up for their Newsletter, and they will send you a link every month to an awesome coupon that is usually $1.00 off one of their items.  This is a great way to stock up on paper goods, especially with the holidays coming up!
Link to join here:

Blue Bell Ice Cream
Sign up, then sign in.  The link for coupons is in tiny print at the menu on the bottom of the page. 

Blue Bunny Ice Cream Coupon
Again, sign up/sign in, and then you can print.  It’s usually for $1.00 off.

Marie Callender (If available, they'll be here)

Kraft First Taste 
Get the chance to try new products and provide reviews.  The more you share and provide feedback, the more coupons and offers you will receive.

Coupons will be e-mailed in newsletters.  May also print from website.

Join to provide product reviews.  You will receive either coupons or may be selected to receive full-size samples to review.

Target has its own coupons plus they accept manufacturer coupons.  "Stack" or combine these to get tremendous savings.  They will also e-mail you ads, updates, and newsletters.

They will email you notices of sales and ads.  However, they also periodically have options to download and print manufacturer coupons and even have a place where you can request free samples. 

Manufacturer coupons as part of ads (watch for link on ad itself for whatever products pop up):

Free samples, when available, will be listed here:

*CATALINA OFFERS:  Those are the red-striped things that look like receipts when your cash register receipt is printed.  Many people throw them away without ever looking at them.  Don’t!  Many times companies will print these as rebates if you buy a certain amount or number of their products.  For example, recently KC Masterpiece and Kingsford charcoal and other manufacturers teamed up to offer a catalina.  Buy a certain amount of products and receive a $6.00 catalina for money off your next purchase.  That’s like someone handing you $6.00 and saying, “Here’s money to help with your groceries.”  If you get a red-striped coupon receipt that says $1, $2, $5, etc., off your next purchase, you’ve just been handed the equivalent of cash!  Make sure to keep an eye on the expiration date, and check to see if there are any restrictions, but these are like gold!

People wonder is it worth it to print coupons because of the cost of printer ink and paper.  The answer is yes.  Why?  Because oftentimes these coupons are not available anywhere else or they are a higher value than what is printed in the newspaper inserts available on Sundays. 

Coupons function as a part of a company's marketing budget.  It's a way for them to not only get information about their product to you but to entice you to try that product by way of offering a discount through a coupon. 

By using these coupons combined with sales along with rebates, store coupons, and tracking of sales cycles, you can save significantly on your shopping budget 

I strongly encourage opening a web-based e-mail account to use for all of these coupons and newsletters.  Otherwise, you may find your inbox clogged and/or the majority of them going to your spam folder, which defeats the whole purpose!

1.  Make sure your Java is up to date, as many of these printable programs use Java to generate the coupons.  If your Java is out of date and the coupon messes up, you will not get a second chance.  The website uses a technology that identifies the number of times a certain computer has printed a coupon.  Most websites will allow 2-3 prints, but some do not.  It's wise to make sure everything is up to date, you've loaded paper, and your printer cartridges are working before hitting the print button.
2.  You may need to download a coupon printer from the site. Some coupon sites will request to install a coupon printer driver that is a simple program to generate the coupons.  As a general rule, if they come from an acceptable site such as, Red Plum, Smart Source, or Coupon Network, they are okay.  You may also see a link in your address bar that says ""  This is also an acceptable site.
3.  Most manufacturers also use one of these sources to print coupons from their websites, so it's advisable to install these printer drivers. 
4.  Links to coupons often open in another window.  If so, once the coupon is printed, try hitting back on your browser.  You may get a notice stating the page has expired.  Click try again, resend, refresh, or OK, and often you can get a second print of the coupon.  This is perfectly fine/acceptable and is a common practice. 

Here are some links to my favorite newsletters and/or websites that offer great coupon values: 

Loadable Coupons:
This is for people who have savings cards issued from stores.  Check to see if your store’s savings card is listed, sign up, and then shop.  When the purchase is confirmed by Savingstar, your account will be credited.  Once you receive $5.00 in credits, you can request that money be issued to you in the form of a direct bank deposit, Paypal deposit, or gift card from a retailer. 

These are coupons that are loadable to your cell phone.  Check to see if there are participating retailers in your area, then just bring up the coupon and have the cashier scan it at the register. 

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