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Monday, November 5, 2012

Beautiful Vases and Candle Holders from Dollar Store Glass

I love beautiful, sparkling glass vases during the holidays.  However, the price in some of the fancy stores can be astronomical.  You can achieve the same effect with dollar store glassware!

My favorite place to find glassware is Dollar Tree.  The components of these homemade vases and candle holders are usually in different parts of the store.  Some may be in floral and crafts.  Some may be with the candles, and still more may be in the cooking/drinking glass section. 

You will need something like candleholders for the bases and fluted or flared vases or glasses for the tops.  You will also need a strong glue like E6000 or Gorilla Glue.  I prefer E6000 for glassware, but Gorilla Glue will work, too. Do not use Super Glue, as it tends to not bond well with the glass and can be sensitive to heat/cold temperature changes.

Candleholders can be glued end to end to provide height.  Keep in mind, when you are designing your glassware, that the taller the item, the wider the base will need to be for balance and support. 

Make sure your glass is clean and free of any stickers or adhesives before starting.  I place the larger piece top down onto my work surface.  Find the center of the largest piece of glass as a visual marker.  You can use a tiny dot from a Sharpie to mark the center.  Then place glue along the edge of the smaller piece you're going to glue to the larger piece.  Place it on the piece, center it (I just eyeball it), and then allow the glue to harden.  For me, it's easier to have the pieces on a bit of a low workbench so that I can look straight down at the item.  

E6000 is supposed to be dry in around 4 hours.  I always like to let my items cure for around 24 hours before using them just to be sure, since we're in a humid climate.  

That's it!  Turn your pieces upright and use as a decoration!  For the glassware shown in the photos, I used two fluted edge tumblers, one nut dish, and 4 candle holders.  For the tallest piece, I glued two candle holders end-to-end, with the smallest ends matching, then glued it to the tumbler.  For the remaining two pieces, I just used one candle holder to glue to the glass.  The snowy looking stuff in the picture with the candle is epsom salts!  Just pour in, center the candle, and you can add other decorations.  My poor candle was a little dusty from being hauled around the house to get good photos.

You can also paint these with Krylon glass paint for a different look, which I will show in a later post.  I have a new batch of glassware with different shapes that I'll be using for decorations this holiday season and will show those in a later post. 

Use your imagination, as the possibilities are endless! 

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