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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Freshen The Air While You Vacuum

If you've ever started to vacuum and then decided that things could smell better, there's an easy way to freshen the air while you vacuum.  Tear off a small corner of a paper tissue, such as Kleenex, and put 1-2 drops of essential or other scented oil on the tissue.  Drop it on the floor, then vacuum it up.

The scent will be released through your vacuum while you're working, freshening the air as you go. 

You can also place 1-2 drops of oil on a light bulb in a lamp, then turn the lamp on, and the scent will be released.  There may be a little vapor that arises as the bulb heats (may resemble smoke), but this is normal.  Do not put more than a drop of oil on the bulb, and never drop it on a bulb that is already lit or the bulb may shatter. 

Both ways will quickly freshen the air and give a longer lasting scent than room sprays.  Vacuuming up the scented tissue also freshens the vacuum, especially if you have pets and the smell lingers in the vacuum. 

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