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Monday, October 1, 2012

Why a View at Five-Two?

I'm short.  Really short.  As in 5' 2" short.  Also known as vertically challenged. 

The world is made for tall people, or at least those of average height.  When you're not very tall, the world has an entirely different view!

I started taking photos of what the world looks like from my height.  This is the first of what may be many posts to come.

I recently went to the grocery store.  They were having a sale on Pop-Tarts.  I had a coupon that made these a really good deal.  Plus we go through lots of Pop-Tarts.

When I got to the Pop-Tart aisle, this was my view:

This was looking as unreachable as the Summit of Mount Everest.

Chocolate chip Pop-Tarts.  Top shelf.  Stacked one on top of the other and pushed all the way back on the shelf.

I had choices.  I could wait for someone tall to come by, go hunt down a tall employee for the store, attempt to climb the shelf like a monkey, or find some object with which I could rake down the Pop-Tarts I wanted.

I looked around.  At 8 a.m. there weren't a whole lot of people milling about.  All the employees are female and no taller than me.  (Hey, at least I'm in good company!)  I didn't know how stable the shelf was, so I looked around and saw some kind of shelf hanger thingy, grabbed it, and raked the Pop-Tarts down to where I could catch them.  

I didn't feel too bad.  As I was walking off with my Pop-Tart booty (literally, if you saw my booty you'd know), another lady came up, looked up and said, "Really?!! Top shelf?"  Then sighed.  I guess she had the same issue as me.