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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Best Recipe Holding Device Ever Invented

Your eyes are not deceiving you.  Those are plastic pant hangers. They are also the best recipe holders to for your cookbooks and recipes! 

Ever had a recipe you're trying to use, and the paper slips off the table, the book won't stay open, or you're having to stop, lean over, and squint at the type to see where you are in the cooking process?  Maybe you're tired of dribbling ingredients all over the pages.  The solution was likely in your closet the whole time.

The crook of the hanger can either be hung over the knob of a cabinet door or.... (scroll down)

you can open the cabinet door, slip the metal hanger over the lip of the bottom edge, and shut the door to hold it in place. 

This has been my very favorite thing to use to hold my recipes while I'm cooking, as they are at eye level, easy to see, books stay in place, and papers are held securely.  If one breaks, a new one is as close by as your local Walmart or other department store.

This works for holding other books, too, especially if you are reading while washing dishes, or trying to study (for college and high school students).   When you're finished, just unclip the recipe, and return the book or paper it to where it belongs.  I stow the hangers on the shelf with my coobooks, and know I can grab them when I'm ready to cook.

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