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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Shine Shoes with Antifrizz Hair Serum

What?  Yes, that's right.  You can use antifrizz/straightening hair serum to refresh the shine for your shoes and make them look like new again.  The great thing is, the less expensive the hair serum, the better!

Most hair serums contain a form of silicone such as dimethicone, simethicone, cyclopentasiloxan (cyclomethicone)... anything in the ingredients list that ends with "cone, conol, col, or zane" is usually a form of silicone.  For hair that means that it is used as a conditioner, sealant, protectant, and provides shine. 

The cool thing is, it works the same way for your shoes!  I have not tried this on new, expensive shoes.  Instead, I've used this when I need shoes that might not otherwise look presentable to look nice enough to wear to something like a job interview, business trip, or social gathering. It's a quick fix, and for most women, antifrizz serum is usually something you have in your hair styling products. 

Recently, I was scheduled to attend a craft and food tasting event.  I wanted to look nice, but I wanted to be relatively comfortable, too, because I knew I was going to be on my feet for several hours.  I have this pair of high-heeled mules that look like boots when worn with pants but are, in reality, slip-ons.  These are my favorites because they make me look taller, and they're actually very comfortable for heels.  

Unfortunately, it's obvious they're my favorites because they look like it!  The toes were scuffed, and the exterior, while still in good shape, was rather dull. 
Hopefully you can see on the nearer shoe that the toes were scuffed and dull.  There were even a few white scuff marks.  

I cleaned the shoes thoroughly and made sure that all dirt was gone and dried them well.  I then used a black Sharpie to cover up the discolored marks.  Dot the marker over the scuffs to just barely tint them.  They make other colors of Sharpies that usually blend with any type of shoe (red, blue, brown, green, etc.).  

Once you have the shoes cleaned, dried, and touched up, it's time to apply the serum.  Use a dampened paper towel and begin at the toes.  Place a dot of serum on the toes and begin wiping the shoes, going from front to back.  You may have to add more serum.  Here's an example in the photo below.  I liberally coated the toe to show how to apply the serum.  You can also see the difference between the shoe on the left and the one on the right. 
Once the entire shoe has been coated with serum, use your damp paper towel and buff the shoe until it is shiny and the finish is even.  Repeat with the other shoe.  This will leave a nice, soft sheen, any flaws and scuffs will be decreased or hidden enitirely, and your shoes will look presentable if not like new.   Voila!
Now you're ready to head out the door and you've saved a bit of money by being able to have a pair of shoes last a little longer by making them look nice again. 

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