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Monday, December 24, 2012

DIY Ruffled Scarf - Simple Gifts

I love scarves, particularly the ones that that are dressy/frilly.  I also love infinity scarves.  No worrying about how to do some fancy tie, or what do you do with the ends, etc.  

I was in Hobby Lobby recently and saw this ruffled fabric.  I knew I wanted to use it to make scarves.  It is a pre-ruffled fabric that is light and airy.  They had white, black, turquoise, yellow, and hot pink.  I bought 1 yard each of the black and hot pink.  The fabric was 58 inches wide.  If you are lucky, you may be able to find it in a wider width.  The wider the better!  Also, how you make your scarf will depend on the direction in which the ruffles run.  For the fabric I bought, the ruffles ran across the width of the fabric.  Had the ruffles run the length of the fabric, I would have had to adjust how much I bought. 

For the first scarf, I decided to make it an infinity or circle scarf. I decided to make it 12 inches wide, with the length being 58 inches.  I used a cutting board and rotary cutter, as I found that it was necessary to use something very sharp to cut the fabric.  It tends to slip.  Using 12 inches per scarf, I was able to cut three scarves.  

Trim any weird edges or severed ruffles.  Because this is a knit fabric, it is not necessary to hem it or finish the edges. You'll want to watch as you cut so that you can flip the ruffles back away from the cutting edge. 

Once I had the scarf cut that I was going to use for an infinity scarf, I put the short ends together and pinned them face-to-face. I then sewed across these edges in a straight line. 
That's it!  Turn the scarf right side out.  You now have an infinity or circle scarf that is approximately 57 inches in length and can be worn long or doubled for more of a cowl look.  It can also be pulled up over your head as a hood or headscarf in case of bad weather. 

Don't like infinity scarves?  Not to worry.  The selvage edge of the fabric has finished ends for the ruffles.  You can leave the fabric as is, trim up the long edges, and wear it as a tie type scarf! 

Very easy, very chic, and very afforable!  The fabric I purchased was $10.99, and I had a 40% off coupon for Hobby Lobby.  So the cost was approximately $2.20 cents per scarf!

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