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Monday, December 31, 2012

Recycle Used Wax Melts/Tarts into a Candle

If you've joined the craze for the wax warmers such as Scentsy or Pink Zebra or even the ones they have at Walmart, you have probably found scents you love.  However, after the wax scent dissipates, you want to change out the wax, but it seems a waste to just toss it out. 

This is an easy way to reuse the wax, and, believe it or not, the scent is still very much there once it burns.  The great thing about making these candles is that you get a slightly different scent as each layer burns through, and oftentimes it makes interesting scent combinations in the process.

I have different jars started for different scents.  I have one jar that is for the woodsy/spicy/kitchen scents such as Mountain Lodge, pumpkin pie, cinnamon spice, etc., and another that is for flowery/citrusy scents such as lavender, fresh cut grass, lemon, etc.  You can make as many or as few as you want, or even just have one jar into which everything gets dumped.  Whatever you choose, it's a great way to reuse the wax!

To make these you will need:
1 empty jar that is relatively heat safe (a Mason jar is perfect)
1 premade wick with base (I got mine at Hobby Lobby $2.99 for 5 click HERE to see)
Some type of adhesive, such as E6000, Super Glue, etc.
Melted wax
Pen, pencil, or dowel to hold the wick in place and steady while the jar is being filled.

Clean the jar and make sure it is dried.  Put a dab of adhesive on the bottom of the metal premade wick and poke it down into the jar, centering it, and then use a long object to press it to the bottom of the jar to make sure it's adhered.  

Once the wick has set, take the dowel, pencil, or pen, and wind the wick around it a couple of times until the dowel sits flush on top of the jar.  This will hold the wick centered until the jar is filled.  Next, begin pouring the melted wax.  

It's not necessary to do this all at once.  You can stick the jar in an out of the way spot and add to it whenever you change out wax in your warmer or if you've come to the end of a candle and need to pour off the remaining melted wax.  Add to this layer by layer.  

When the wax is to approximately the bottom of the threads on the jar, cut the wick off and trim to approximately 1/2 inch in length.  Now it's ready to use! (The photo below is of another candle made this way with darker wax.)

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