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Sunday, December 14, 2014

December 14, 2014, update! Hope to be blogging again soon!

The last year has been a year full of changes.  I enjoyed blogging very much, but at the time I was a caretaker for my elderly mother, and as her health deteriorated, it became harder and harder for me to blog. 

In November 2013, she had a massive stroke and spent weeks in the hospital.  Unfortunately, her condition did not improve, and she is now in a long-term care facility. 

Life also threw some curve balls.  I left my career of 26 years (medical transcription) and became a social worker!  I just recently returned from 2 weeks of training in another city, and now that I work 8-5 I'm hoping to have more time to blog.

Thanks again to my followers, and I'll be posting again soon! 

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